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Citations on Trichinella (1833 - 1899)
  The first scientific description of trichinella
1833 Hilton J; Notes of a peculiar appearance observed in human muscle, probably depending upon the formation of very small cysticerci JOUR 605 605 London Medical Gazette
1835 Owen R; Description of microscopic entozoon infesting the muscles of the human body JOUR 315 323 Trans. Zool. Soc. London
1835 Farre A; Observations on the trichina spiralis JOUR 382 387 London Medical Gazette
1835 Wood H; Observations on the Trichina spiralis with a case JOUR 190 191 London Medical Gazette
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1842 Bowditch HI; Trichina spiralis ABST 222 222 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal
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1864 Althaus J; On trichina disease; its prevention and cure JOUR 362 364 Medical Times and Gazette
1865 Pagenstecher, H. A. Die Trichinen CHAP 116   Publisher: Leipzig, Engelmann
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1871 Cobbold TS; Outbreak of trichiniasis in Cumberland JOUR 435 435 British Medical Journal
1871 Dickinson WL; Three cases of trichiniasis after home-fed pork JOUR 446 446 British Medical Journal
1878 Wendt EC; Chronic muscular symptoms after trichinosis JOUR 434 439 American Journal of the Medical Sciences
1881 Trichinae cysts JOUR 471 471 Science
1881 Trichinae in meat JOUR 298 299 Science
1881 Trichinosis JOUR 299 300 Science
1891 Whelpley HM; Trichina spiralis JOUR 217 219 American Monthly Microscopical Journal
1897 Brown TR; Studies on trichinosis JOUR 79 81 John Hopkins Hospital Bulletin
1897 Thornbury FJ; The pathology of trichinosis - original observations JOUR 64 79 University Medical Magazine
1897 Packard FA; Trichinosis in the United States; with the report of a case JOUR 59 63 Journal of the American Medical Association
1898 Thayer WS; A third case of trichinosis with remarkable increase in the eosinophilic cells JOUR 654 655 Philadelphia Medical Journal
1898 Brown TR; Studies on trichinosis, with especial reference to the increase of the eosionphilic cells in the blood and muscle, the origin of these cells and their diagnostic importance JOUR 315 347 Journal of Experimental Medicine
1899 Osler W; Clinical features of sporadic trichinosis JOUR 251 265 American Journal of the Medical Sciences
1899 Howard WT; Report of a fatal case of trichinosis without eosinophilia, but with large numbers of eosinophilic cells in the muscle lesions; with remarks on the origin of eosinophilic cells in trichinosis JOUR 1085 1087 Philadelphia Medical Journal
1899 Brown TR; The diagnosis of trichinosis be means of the great increase of the eosinophiles in the blood; report of the fourth case JOUR 12 14 Medical News
1899 Atkinson AD; The diagnosis of trichinosis made through the increase of eosinophilic cells in the blood JOUR 1243 1244 Philadelphia Medical Journal
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