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By D. Despommier
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Yuzo Takahashi's Gallery
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Table of Contents

Electron microscopical investigations



Electron Micrographs of Trichinella spiralis

Muscle larvae
  Genital primordium EM1 EM7
  Stichosome EM2 EM5 EM10 EM11 EM24
  Nerve ring EM3 EM4
  Esophagus EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 EM9
  Midgut EM6 EM7
  Intestinal gland EM8
Adult worms
  Ovary EM13 EM14 EM30
  Uterus EM12 EM29 EM30 EM31
  Vagina EM28
  Stichosome EM25 EM26 EM27
  Gut EM25
  Fetus & Embryo EM28 EM29 EM30 EM31
  Testis EM25
Preadult worms


Immunoelectron Micrograph of Trichinella spiralis

Localization of antigens recognized by rats
  Muscle larva EM17 EM18 EM19
  Adult worms EM15
Localization of antigens recognized by humans
Specificity of antigens
  TSL-1 antigens EM20 EM21 EM22
  TSL-4 antigens EM16
Light Micrograph of Trichinella spiralis
  Overview of larva with HE staining
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