Life Cycle
Geographic Distribution
The Nurse Cell
Parasite Complex
Supplier of Paraceuticals
In Situ Hybridization using cRNAs for Collagen Type IV

Day 7: Anti-sense signal localized around enlarged nuclei (clear zones, arrows) of the Nurse Cell. Bar = 80 µm

Day 9: Signal is stronger and occurred adjacent to all enlarged nuclei. Bar = 80 µm

Day 15: Pattern similar to day 9. All enlarged nuclei are expressing message. No hybridization occurred in the worm (arrow) or capsule (arrowhead). Bar = 100 µm
Day 24: No hybridization occurred on the worm (arrow), capsule (arrowhead), or cytoplasm

Sense probe did not hybridize to any of the above tissues.
Arrows = parasite.
Bar = 10 µm

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