Life Cycle
Geographic Distribution
The Nurse Cell
Parasite Complex
Supplier of Paraceuticals
In Situ Hybridization using cRNAs for Collagen Type VI

Day 7: The signal localized around all enlarged nuclei (clear zones, white arrows) of the Nurse Cell. Bar = 70 µm

Day 9: Normal muscle did not react with the probe. Bar = 70 µm

Day 15: The signal was strong at this time and was never present over sections of worm (white arrow). Bar = 100 µm

Day 24: Some signal was still present. Neither the worm nor the capsule reacted with the probe. The probe hybridized with some cells in the interstitiial spaces around the developing Nurse cell. Bar = 100 µm
Sense probe did not hybridize to any of the above tissues.
Bar = 200 µm

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