Owen's & Paget's Story
Discovery of Trichinella Spiralis
Virchow's Story
  Discovery of the Life Cycle
Andree's Story
Andree's Grant

Balloon, 212,ooo cubic feet, with car, steering apparatus, etc. $9,650
Balloon-house with canvas walls $4,000
Gas production:  

Hydrogen appatatus for 5300 cubic feet per hour$1,950


Raw materials, zinc and suphuric acid (with calculated loss of 20%) $3,000


Photographic equipment (2 apparatus and 3000 plates, etc.) $950
Other instruments, charts, maps, etc.$1,300  

Provisions, electric batteries, sledges, etc. $13,500
Transport $6,700
Technical expert for gas production and filling $1,600
 Other, unforeseen expenses $4,000


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