Embutidos (sausage)

An outbreak in the Buenos Aires municipality of Saladillo has prompted the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Health to recommend that people not buy homemade embutidos and cachinados [varieties of sausage] that lack appropriate labeling by veterinary inspectors. A warning has been issued to the population to seek medical attention if they develop symptoms of the disease, such as edema, muscular aches and fever.

More than 80 cases (all with confirmed clinical diagnoses) have been diagnosed in the municipalities of Saladillo, Roque Perez, Lanus, and Banfield. Laboratory studies are awaited; none of the cases are serious. The majority of cases bought the pork products on Road 63, linking Saladillo and Las Flores, during the past Easter. The products lacked official certification, and the local authorities are trying to identify the retailers and clandestine butchers.

YEAR 2005
Source: ProMED